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SLA Management

How to optimize your process management? Is everything on schedule? Is there anything important delayed? Any crisis? HakSystems ensures that all your services are delivered to planned target with the SLA Management feature! In today’s digital world, your business must track all service interactions between your services and customers. Process mapping is a way to visualize achieving your process related goals. Everything is ok, and you’re improving your design process. But what if there is any delay with the agreed service level targets such as response time or scalability requirements? In this case, you need a better Service Level Agreements (SLA) Management to maintain satisfied customer base. SLA Management feature of HakSystems tracks and reports the performance of your critical business goals to meet service level agreements.

Improve Your Service Value!

Let’s say, you’re assigned to a step in the resolution of a customer issue. What happened before you? Suppose that you’re the manager of customer services, why this issue is delayed, or why the issues are delayed? What was the root cause? In such cases, you should monitor all your processes and see what is happening right now, before and after. More importantly let your managers and employees be aware of the processes. Also you need to track SLA’s instantly and automate the workflow if the delay happens. HakSystems meets your needs as your business grows and requirements change and allows you to identify your SLA and escalation schemes.

How to use SLA Management of HakSystems?

You don’t need to code and any IT specialists within the easy-to-use system of HakSystems. It’s SLA Management feature makes easy to design customized service levels and innovates your IT Service Management (ITSM) processes. Cloud based software HakSystems automatically identifies the delay management steps, also called escalation steps, according to the hierarchical structure you are building. You can design a process, assign to the relevant person, set the deadlines and save. Fix rights and obligations, reduce the opportunistic behaviours. However, you can monitor agreed service performance metrics, service and support availability in a distributed environment.

What are the benefits of the SLA Management of HakSystems?

HakSystems helps businesses with monitoring and reporting of all service level agreements by the SLA management. The system helps in setting measurable objectives and supports to gain visibility into which agreements are not being met.

Monitor Processes

- Easily set and monitor each processes workflow instantly.
- Track who is responsible for the specific task in each step, which actions taken.
- Monitor issue life cycle, see every details in the issue history without asking.

Define SLA Management

- Define service levels for each category.
- Define service levels for each workflow.
- Determine escalation schemes in case of delays.
- Determine issue suspension and resume policies.

Identify Escalation Management

- Who will be notified first in case of a delay?
- How much additional time will be left for this level of escalation?
- Who will be notified if a delay still continues?
- And so on….

With the SLA Management feature of HakSystems, you can:
- Set clear business priorities to make them happen.
- Reduce operational costs and innovate the usage of IT services.
- Monitor delays and benefit from alerting, escalation features.
- Support your employees to meet customer service commitments.
- Benefit from business process automation software skills.
- Engage within the process improvement.
- Create a great customer experience journey.
- Provide higher business value through better SLA management.
- Get powerful results in a better and cost effective way to deliver services.
- Improve customer satisfaction and customer engagement.

How can I get?

Yes, everything is on schedule with HakSystems! Get better results and improve your business processes with the SLA management feature of HakSystems. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.