End - to - End

Business Process Management

Process Management

Do you have total visibility into your organization's end-to-end processes? Can everyone involve in them? HakSystems provides all your business process management needs with full transparency and visibility into your business.

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Automated Workflows

Resolving different type of issues may require different workflows and forms. HakSystems enables you to associate predefined processes with issue categories and business rules. Therefore whenever an issue is submitted, corresponding workflows will be initiated automatically.

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SLA Management

Design a process, assign to collocutor, set the deadlines and save. Fix rights and obligations, reduce the opportunistic behaviours. Agreed service performance metrics, service and support availability in a distributed environment.

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Notifications & Alerts

Use automated text or email messages notify customers, staff and partners within customer service processes. Use templates to keep conversations corporate. Messages and customers replies will be kept within threaded email communication.

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Business Rules

You can initiate actions when a specified events occurs or a condition matches. You can use related data such as channel, category, process status, customer and issue properties while setting the rule and the action. For example, you can define a rule to notify top management when a VIP customer complaints.

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