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Business Process Management

Business Rules

Process management life cycle contains different phases. The business process management solution HakSystems is designed to help an organization achieve its goals with the Business Rules feature. Sometimes processes are altered by specific conditions. Let’s say, there may be some cases that segmentation of the customer, and/or the communication channel may change the way of your approach to the customer’s initial problem. A variable like the financial value of the customer claim may alter the final decision that has to be made and many other or combination of the business rules such as: Time past since the issue has initiated, may cause a delegation if the customer segment is VIP.

How to use Business Rules feature of HakSystems?

As a business process management system HakSystems provides easy to use tools to set your business rules. No-coding is necessary to create or modify a rule. You can initiate actions when a specified events occurs or a condition matches. Use related data such as channel, category, process status, customer and issue properties while setting the rule and the action. For instance, you can define a rule to notify top management when a VIP customer complaints.

What are the benefits of the Business Rules of HakSystems?

By defining business rules you can add more flexibility and automation to your business processes. You can improve the efficiency of business processes with the automated decision-making system to be effective.

Conditions of The Business Rules


- An issue submitted
- A new issue submitted in this shop
- Issue escalation
- Issue moved to the next step in the workflow
- Issue waits to long in the operations queue
- ….

Periodic Jobs

- Triggers for suspended issues
- Triggers for special dates such as birthdays, subscription end date etc.
- ….

Parameters Available For Business Rules

Customer Attributes

- Segment of the customer,
- Resident city,
- ….

Customer Specific Attributes

- Attributes of products customer has purchased
- Credit cards in record
- Insurance policy and coverage……
- Issue Attributes
- Category
- Priority
- …

System Attributes

- Elapsed time since the issue submission,
- Remaining time to escalation,
- ….

When a Rule Applies:

- A value may be set,
- Correct workflow will be chosen,
- A SMS or email will be sent to staff or manager or partner or customer,
- An escalation will be triggered,
- …..

How can I get?

Define your business and make today’s customers happy. Business rules feature of HakSystems provides a great solution for an effective business process management. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.