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Call Center Scripting

Do you want to resolve customer problems on the first call? How can you enrich your customer service, boost the performance of your team and attain customer satisfaction? HakSystems offers an effective problem solving solution for you with the call center scripting feature. In today’s world, customer satisfaction is the number one goal of every company. With customers expecting more, it’s essential to respond to customers’ concerns quickly. Your call center is the heart of your customer service operation for the solutions of these type of concerns, but agents have to deal with many issues from different categories. Each category may require different set of questions each may change depending on customer answers. This is where HakSystems comes in with it’s effective call center scripting feature. Working as a call center agent scripting software, HakSystems supports your agents with detailed answers, customer service skills and conversation tips to better satisfy customers. Moreover, call center agents can be inhouse or outsourced or even sometimes outsourced to other countries located at an offshore location. And there is another issue which is the cost of training an agent. The problem is that training isn’t cheap, but it is important. However, call center trainings are also prerequisite. Because we want to dictate to the agents what to ask, when to ask, even how to ask, since they have to use our corporate language. Having an effective solution like HakSystems will help make that responsibilities easier.

How to use Call Center Scripting feature of HakSystems?

With the call center scripting feature, HakSystems gives you an opportunity to work without IT help desk. It is an easy-to-use solution with the drag and drop feature. You can change or update your design to provide an excellent customer service. HakSystems provides to design call center agent scripts in respect to the issue category. While designing categories, customer responses may affect next question and can fully divert the path of the flow. Let the best troubleshooting to take place and make your agents speak exactly how you want them to.

Empower your agents with the predefined paths through the customer experience

What are the benefits of the Call Center Scripting inside HakSystems?

Call center agents are far more skilled in dealing with the specific issues, if they are supported by the right tools. HakSystems’s smart scripting feature is an effective solution for providing excellent customer service. You can define different set of questions and guidances for each different issue category. With HakSystems smart scripting drag&drop editors you can design agent scripts without writing any line of code.

Design Scenarios For Effective Troubleshooting

- For each issue category, design a call script. - What are the exact quotes to be said? - What are the next questions in respect to your customer’s answers? - Which data will be stored and which processes will be triggered? - You can both create and modify the scripts by yourself whenever needed. No technical support is needed for script design and maintenance.

Design what to say at each point with creating the paths

Increase in FCR

Call center scripting feature of HakSystems provides a solution to solve problems on the first call, shortens communication time with customers and reduces the cost of training and onboarding new employees. - If you better identify the problem, you will categorize better. - Agents will collect all required information for a smooth resolution process. - It is easier and faster to train call center agents with predefined scripts. - So by all means, reduce call centre operating costs.

How can I get?

Revolutionise customer engagement with the HakSystems. You can create an extraordinary customer service through the channel integration opportunity. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.