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Omni Channel Communication

Channel Integration

Can you interact all customer touch points and channels across your entire organization? Do you know your customer’s history in all channels? Can you manage customer emails, calls, chats, comments, tweets, hashtags from a single screen? If you need a better customer service management, now it’s time to get a holistic view of your complete customer interaction and increase customer satisfaction with the channel integration. Today channel integration is crucial to improve customer service management. The best customer experience is orchestrated across all channels in an integrated manner.

Deliver personalized customer service!

Providing better customer service leads to an increase in customer satisfaction. Customer touch points include websites, texts, emails, social media channels and etc. They proactively share their requests or complaints by filling online website forums, sending emails, calling call centers, using mobile app stores or kiosks in malls, commenting on social media channels. Your customers are everywhere, there are no barriers for them to reach you. It is crucial for businesses to meet the omnichannel customer experience expectations by delivering smarter, more personalized customer service across all channels. It is possible with leveraging a single, integrated customer experience software. HakSystems integrates channels to provide a unified brand experience and omnichannel customer satisfaction. Complaints, requests, suggestions, chat logs, emails, tickets, tweets, support requests, forms, they’re all in one single place with the HakSystems. Your call center agent or customer service representative can resolve customer problems faster with our unified solution across all channels by displaying automatically customer interaction history, so agents are fully informed before every customer connects.

What are the benefits of the Channel Integration inside HakSystems?

HakSystems allows you to deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels. You can nurture and manage relationships effectively with customers. Easy to use HakSystems's all channels are integrated. You can integrate applications and more channels by using our developer’s site or professional services. Thus while call center agents pick up the phone, HakSystems will provide them with the information stored in your systems and the customer history in all channels. Information stored in systems

Tracking Incomplete Issues

When an interaction with the customer has occurred on any channel, the agents can view the ongoing and past records of the customer’s problem. Just by clicking on the issue number, they can respond due to the progress of the issue. Thus, agents can communicate properly with customers according to their needs.

Agents can get a unified view of the all customer interaction

When customers calls, all of their past interactions can be at your agents’ fingertips. They can see: The past communications with customers in all channels. -What have been discussed? -When did we interact with him/her? -Which emails were sent? -What were his/her comments, tweets on social media? -What were the issues he/she submitted through self service customer interface (help center)? What is the last status of the issue (complaint, request, suggestion etc).

Customer can track all interactions

Customers can follow communications from the self service web interface. Customer Self Desk will display all issues like complaints, requests, etc. with latest status and history to the owner. So they can see the status of their query.

Integrate applications and other channels

-Add more communication channels or social platforms to listen your customers in a more comprehensive way. -Integrate other applications and let your staff to see all necessary information in one place for a better service. -Please see integration methodologies of HakSystems or ask for seamless turnkey integrations.

Customer history in all channels

Access to the full history of a customer’s interaction issues over all of the contact channels.

How can I get?

Revolutionise customer engagement with the HakSystems. You can create an extraordinary customer service through the channel integration opportunity. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.