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Digital Intelligence (DQ)


Do you want to improve the customer experience and maintain high customer satisfaction with your existing assets? Or you want to improve your customer service skills? HakSystems is the best enterprise customer service software that easily integrate with your existing systems.
One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is that their customer relationship management mechanisms are separated from their core marketing and sales systems. Many companies today have a number of separate systems, each providing a useful function, but it is essential to have your marketing and sales systems integrated around a single platform.

Use multiple functions in a single screen

Do you have to switch screen to screen even to just enter a new information? It shouldn’t be a never ending story to get “a single screen for all”. Most of the time, trying to see all these screens is pointless. In fact, it’s a big waste of time. In today’s world this should be given up immediately. The only efficient way is switching between these screens by making them always one click, because in the digital age we all live in easy-to-use times.
Marketing and sales tools should be integrated with your own systems for effective collaboration and consistency. As a customer service management software HakSystems can easily integrate with your systems.

How to use HakSystem's Integration this feature?

HakSystems can easily be integrated across existing systems and work with the services you already use. Adding the HakSystems to your system does not require special computer skills. Use developer’s site or ask our professional services for two-way integration of data resource, iframes and web services. The only thing you need is to embed HakSystems codes into your web site and measure digital behaviours of prospects.

What are the benefits of the System Integration feature inside HakSystems?

By integrating HakSystems within your systems, you’ll get a more complete understanding of your customers’ behavior. The best software integration allows you to connect multiple screens on one central system. This unique omnichannel solution helps you measure customer behaviors to increase customer engagement by understanding their journeys.

Web Service Integrations

You can then integrate web services into your existing systems.

Ready to use well documented API layer for two way integrations.
Built-in integrations with
- Email systems,
- ERP Systems,
- Call Centers,
- Workforce Management Systems,
- Field Management Systems,
- And many others.

IFrame Integration

- Embed your iframes into HakSystems pages and configure parameters.
- Embed HakSystems iframes into your systems and configure parameters.

Integration Methodology

Developer’s Site
- Documentations of all API layers.
- Integrations example codes.
- Integration test platform.
Call our professional services for integration implementation consultancy.
Or call our professional services for turnkey integration implementations.

How can I get?

Simplify your customer service system’s efforts with the HakSystems. Moreover, we offer an advanced tool to operate both systems work in harmony from a single screen. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.