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Non-Code Process Design

Do you need business process design without code? With the non-code process design feature, HakSystems offers a full code-free solution for the whole process design. What is flexibility? Software applications have parameters to be set in its admin panel. But the dream about flexibility is the ability to change processes and interfaces without any IT interventions. This kind of flexibility will bring you agility to adapt changes and in addition to you will save budget.
If you could design and modify processes by yourself without waiting IT support, then you don’t need to design every single detail in the beginning, instead you can continuously improve your processes. Therefore, you can have your first implementations and their results immediately in few weeks.

How to use Non-Code Process Design feature of HakSystems?

As in any IT department they always have a lengthy to-do list. Don’t be on a que of an overwhelmed IT department. HakSystems gives you an opportunity to work without IT help desk.

You can design required processes to resolve customer complaints, requests or to manage any business issue. If you can describe how the process should be, then you can design interfaces and the workflows by yourself using HakSystems’s easy to use tools. No coding, no technical support or no vendor consultancy.

What are the benefits of the Non-Code Process Design of HakSystems?

Non-code process design can help you deliver more successful workflows faster and more efficiently. You can create everything without IT help desk!

More Agile With Less Budget

- Create and modify interfaces, workflows, business rules without writing codes.
- Do not ask for support from technical teams or vendors.
- Save money on your budget.

Design or Improve Any Component by Yourself

- Design workflows, so that tasks will flow through your departments and stakeholders step by step
- Design interfaces and forms
- Specify actions to be completed in every step.
- Specify SLA rules and escalation schemes.
- Define business rules to trigger a specific event when conditions met.
- Define SMS and email notification rules
- Modify definitions and specifications or add new ones whenever needed.
- Test the processes you designed and then execute.

How can I get?

In today’s tech-savvy world, you must work with the digital intelligence. Non-code process design feature of HakSystems provides a smart solution for an effective business process management. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.