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Notifications & Alerts

How to ensure great customer service? Why do you need to keep your customers in the loop? HakSystems offers an automated ways to keep your customers well-informed by the Notifications and Alerts feature. We all know that great customer service is crucial to get customer satisfaction. In today’s consumer-centric landscape, customers expect constant updates from you even if they purchase a service/product from your company or not.

Inform your customers about ongoing processes

Customers have more channels available to contact a brands than ever before and expect to be constantly notified regarding the status of their queries. In a such environment, customers would like to ensure that you hear their words and do your best to solve their issues. So it is always better to let them know that you are really working on it. You can provide a great and personalized customer service by notifying them with the Notifications and Alerts feature of HakSystems. Moreover, you may have teams on the field or in another city, or in another country. And they may not be currently in front of a PC. It is a great idea to send them an email or SMS. Messages may include links to the pages on which they will see information about the issue. HakSystems can keep them informed by simply using Notifications and Alerts.

How to use Notifications and Alerts of HakSystems?

As a client tracking software HakSystems is easy to use and gives a complete visibility into your entire customer database. Keep customers informed proactively by showing them that you are aware of their needs, queries, expectations and problems. Therefore, you can design automated text or email messages to notify customers, staff and partners within customer service processes. Also use templates to keep conversations corporate and design messages. However customers replies will be kept within the threaded email communication.

What are the benefits of the Notifications and Alerts of HakSystems?

There are various reasons to use HakSystems with the Notifications and Alerts feature in your business. Moreover this brings various benefits in terms of engaging with customers.

Automatic Messages Triggered By Workflows

You can design processes so that in some circumstances, automated messages (either SMS or emails) will be sent to the related stakeholders (customers, agencies, partners, etc).

For example:

- When a customer submits an issue through self service in your web site, he/she may receive a message telling that related departments notified and the solution process has been initiated.
- When a product return has been accepted, corresponding customers may be notified via a SMS or an Email.
- When a salesperson on the field is close to a customer who needs urgent help, he/she may receive an SMS including a link to the complaint history.

How can I get?

Revolutionise customer engagement with the HakSystems. You can create an extraordinary customer service through the channel integration opportunity. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.

Automatic Messages Triggered By Business Rules

- When authorized users subscribe some special event, then they will receive notifications when the event takes place.

For example:

- A new shop has been opened, the region director may receive emails about all user complaints and requests without concerning about the priority. - When a security issue is submitted in a bank, then the top management may be notified via SMS.

With the Notifications and Alerts feature of HakSystems, you can:

- See your business from your customers’ points of view, decide what information they need, when and from which channel.
- Solve problems, notify customers constantly and and they don’t have to call your customer service anymore.
- Keep customers happy even when you don’t have to solve their issues with the call center anymore.
- Engage with them at every touch point of their journey.
- Save customers as well as your time.
- Increase customer engagement for an organization by proactively notifying customers.
- Improve customer satisfaction.
- Build trust to earn customer loyalty.
- Improve both customer and employee advocacy by improving customer service.