End - to - End

Omni Channel Communication

Channel Integration

All HakSystems's channels are integrated. You can integrate applications and more channels using our developer's site or professional services. Thus while agents pick up the phone, HakSystems will provide them with the information stored in your systems, in addition to customer history.

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Self Service and Knowledge Base

What if your customers could find answers themselves, and you could reduce call center volume? Self service knowledge base management of HakSystems can do that!

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Call Center Scripting

Design call center agent scripts in respect to the issue category. Customer responses may affect next question and may divert the flow. Let the best troubleshooting to take place and make your agents speak exactly how you want them to.

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Live Chat

Learning machine and knowledge base support will make instant messaging a more comprehensive experience for your customers and your employees. Customizable interface and reusable templates will provide flexibility and speed. It can be integrated with your legacy systems as well.

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Social Media Monitoring

A single window to monitor all social media. Listen mentions, hashtags and keywords or schedule your own searches to capture issues, apply similarity analysis and initiate corresponding workflow.

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