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Polls and Surveys

Do you know what your customers really want? How to improve customer experience? Create polls and surveys easily with HakSystems to find out!
Today, it’s critical to know exactly what your customers think more than ever. Who has a better way of telling what you do than your customers? Therefore, polls and surveys are the easiest ways to collect customer feedback and improve service quality. They are the ultimate way to gather information for customer satisfaction.

How to use Polls and Surveys of HakSystems?

HakSystems comes with a variety of powerful features like the polls and surveys. Ask questions, create and deliver them quickly with the business management software HakSystems. By Using HakSystems survey module, you can easily set the recipients, prepare the questions, define the answers, schedule the survey, and analyze the results with detailed reports. Moreover, you can determine the target group, prepare survey, determine the channel, apply/conduct it, and report the results. So you will always know what your customers think!

What are the benefits of the Polls and Surveys of HakSystems?

We always wonder what customers think about our brands, products or services. We have questions to ask to our customers too. Now, you can get your answers and your business can get in tune with your customers.
Nurture and manage relationships with them according to the polls and surveys of HakSystems.

Use HakSystems’s non-technical tools to prepare polls and surveys

- Add questions with multiple choices. - Set the target groups by using filters. - Set the survey channel (call center, email, SMS, web) - Execute and collect the answers. - Evaluate reports.

With the Polls and Surveys feature of HakSystems, you can:

- Reach customers more effectively.
- Ask questions and conduct research to improve your business.
- Get real-time feedback from your audience.
- Understand trends and landscape.
- Learn your customer motivations behind purchase decisions.
- Know what your customers think of your products and services.
- Understand more about what they want from your company.
- Measure customer engagement and customer satisfaction.
- Gain a competitive advantage.
- Improve your business according to the results.

How can I get?

Effective communication is the key for a great customer service. Find out what your customers really want. Polls and Surveys feature of HakSystems gives you an information that you need to respond to customer needs. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.