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Business Process Management

Process Management

Do you have total visibility into your organization’s end-to-end processes? Are every departments, employees and stakeholders are involved in related processes? Can you measure and improve your procesess? HakSystems provides all your business process management needs with full transparency and visibility into your business. In the digital era business transformation, customer satisfaction and employee engagement require you to redesign all business processes from beginning to end. Moreover the traditional way of Business Process Management (BPM) has shifted. You need to adapt successfully to this rapidly changing business environment. As a business process management software HakSystems is designed to help organizations manage, orchestrate, track end-to-end processes and simplify their operations in this business landscape.

How to use Process Management feature?

Easy-to-use cloud based software HakSystems is accessible to everyone in your company. Processes are managed by all employees from all departments in the organization: managers can truly own the sales process, or call center agents can see what’s the missing point in the customer relationship service. Customization is also very easy in HakSystems: with a few clicks you can define different pages for every type of request. This flexibility allows you to collect all the information that your agent needs in order to manage issues faster and more efficiently. You can design and change data forms, SLA and escalations schemas that will be used during process executions, HakSystems provides functional tools to set your business rules. No coding required to design forms, processes, workflows and SLA’s. The user-friendly interface helps you to create or modify the business rules at any time, without developing new software.

What are the benefits of the Process Management of HakSystems?

HakSystems creates opportunities to transform and design business processes and optimize workflows. With the Process Management feature of HakSystems, you are free to design all the necessary steps to solve any type of problem for the happiness of your customers through their journeys. The feature enables companies to regulate business processes with customer needs, and supports managers determine how to arrange, monitor and measure organization resources.

End-to-End Help Desk

By using HakSystems in addition to contact center, all departments across the organization can be engaged to solve issues and requests. Therefore HakSystems is not only a ticketing solutions, it is also a process design and management solution. Because it is being more accepted that customer service management is process management. Therefore HakSystems’s claim is, “ticketing is not enough, customer service management is process management”.

Automate workflows, define SLA management, and many more!

Learn how to execute your organization’s important business processes and automate workflows. You can design different workflows for every type of issues. Workflow automation improves internal communication within the organization and reduces most of the human errors which causes you to lose customers. In HakSystems you can also specify the sequence of the operations necessary to solve any type of task and their Service Level Agreement also known as SLA. Design and monitor processes, define SLA management or escalation management. This increases business efficiency, provide better coordination for complex processes. Moreover you can design processes as automatic messages (either SMS or e-mails) will be sent to the related stakeholders (customers, agencies, partners, etc). Let your customers know that you are aware of their needs and at work on solutions.

Get total visibility into your organization

Business Process Mapping is a key part of any process improvement strategy, therefore improve your company’s process mapping skills with HakSystems.

HakSystems makes it easy to design, track, and view whole processes of your organization.
- View entire lifecycle of executing, and monitoring business processes.
- Participation from everyone: bring people and whole system together, create value.
- Orchestrate, manage and monitor end-to-end operations.
- Increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize errors.
- Drive and optimize business results.

How can I get?

In a competitive business environment where technology is rapidly changing, business processes improvement becomes one of the important elements for organization to succeed. At this point, process management is a critical issue for today’s organizations, so HakSystems provides management visibility into every step of the work process. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.