End - to - End

Digital Intelligence (DQ)

Non-Code Process Design

Design required processes to resolve customer complaints, requests or to manage any business issue. If you can describe how the process should be, then you can design interfaces and the workflows by yourself using HakSystems's easy to use tools. No coding, no technical support or no vendor consultancy.

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AI and Learning Engine

Artificial intelligence is taking over the call centers. Are you ready to transform customer interactions and improve engagement with the AI and learning engine features of HakSystems?

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Use developer’s site or ask our professional services for two-way integration. of data resource, iframes and web services. Embed HakSystems codes into your web site and measure digital behaviours of prospects.

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Polls and Surveys

Determine the target group, prepare survey, determine the channel, apply the survey and report the results. You will always know what your customers think.

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Reports and Dashboards

Analyze customer issues, monitor customer service performance, monitor product and service quality. Reveal the root causes and identify opportunities for corrective and preventative actions. Increase accountability as your employees take ownership of their performance through improved visibility.

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