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Omni Channel Communication

Live Chat

There are many chat solutions, but most of the time companies need to integrate chat option to use it as an extension to their local systems. HakSystems Live Chat feature Live Chat Messenger offers a customizable chat solution for company’s various needs. From the customer service perspective, chat is a part of the omni-channel communication. Therefore, all chat sessions with the customer should also be known on all other communication channels. In HakSystems, chat is not only a gadget or an independent tool. It is a solid part of your omnichannel world. Learning machine and knowledge base support will make instant messaging a more comprehensive experience for your customers and your employees. The Live Chat (Live Chat Messenger) feature of HakSystems can do that! Customizable interface and reusable templates will provide flexibility and speed in the software solution. It can be integrated with your legacy systems as well.

What are the benefits of the Live Chat feature inside HakSystems?

Easy-to-use system of HakSystems makes it easy to design customized chat options and create customer satisfaction with the Live Chat Messenger.

Live Chat With Your Customers (Live Chat Messenger)

- HakSystems Live Chat helps you to have a safe and secure instant conversation with your clients and/or suppliers. - Your chat operator can manage more than one session at the same time, so more customers can be answered without any delay. - You can authorize the supervisors to monitor, inspect or get involved in active sessions. - When your operators are not online, visitors can leave an offline message. Offline messages can be read by operators later and they will respond when available. - In addition to browser chat, you can install Live Chat Messenger as a widget and get desktop notifications. You can have more than one chat line and assign different operators for each. - If you need assistance while you were chatting with a customer, you can chat with your supervisor on a different window and get help from him/her.

Customization and Integration

- You can customize colors, logo, titles, interfaces, welcome message, retention messages, timeout duration, subjects etc. - You can create ready to use chat templates to be used in specific circumstances. Instead of typing same things every time, your operators can use the template answers and save valuable time . - You can integrate live chat with your applications. In some banks HakSystems Live Chat (Live Chat Messenger) is integrated with their internet banking applications and has been used as their chat banking application.

How can I get?

Revolutionise customer engagement with the HakSystems. You can create an extraordinary customer service through the channel integration opportunity. To learn more about the HakSystems and the features, contact us.